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Terex Noell China awarded a big order again
  On Aug 1st, 2013, Noell Crane Systems (China) Limited (Hereinafter referred to as Noell China) signed new order of about USD33million with Meratus Lines, Indonesia. The Contract including 4 units of STS and 6 units of ERTG, is the second biggest order after the big order of 26 units of RTG with PTP in March, 2013. Meratus Lines is a leading Indonesian shipping company providing point-to-point transportation solutions and currently engaged in Container Terminal operation Business.

The  RTG in this order is Noell Cable Reel Electrical RTG, rated load under spreader is 40ton with single lift, 1 over 6 high, 3units for Jarkata is width 6+1, and 3units for Surabaya is width 7+1, 16 wheels, Gantry Travel +/-150m, Siemens Electrical System integrated by Noell China.

The Ship to Shore Gantry Crane, rated load under spreader is 45ton, with outreach 42m and back reach 15m, rail span 16m, hoist height above the rail is 30m, mono-box with self-drive Trolley, Siemens Electrical system, integrated by Noell China.

Compared with traditional diesel RTG, the advantage of Cable reel E-RTG is that the power supplied by shore power via cable reel, pollution and emission free, which is more positive for environmental friendly and energy saving. Furthermore, Noell RTG have the feature of high quality, stable performance, high cost-effective, low maintenance and use cost, which can help the customer to achieve the maximum return on investment.

The first batch of 2 STS and 3 RTG for Jarkata are expected to be shipped to Jarkata in Nov, 2014, and the other 2 STS and 3 RTG are expected to be shipped to Jarkata and Surabaya respectively in Dec, 2013. What is worth mentioning is that the 3 RTG for Surabaya will be shipped in Knock down condition, which will be erected and commissioning by Noell China at Client’s site. It is the new kind of shipment way towards solving the unloading problem of the long distance between the Terminal and the jetty.

Terex Noell Crane Systems (China) Ltd. is a JV company that was jointly incorporated by Terex’s subsidiary Noell Crane Systems Group and China Merchants Group, Terex owns 70% of the share and China Merchants Group owns 30%. Noell China joined in Terex China Port Solutions division in 2012. Noell China put into production in Zhangzhou Fujian Province by 1997, up to now it has been over ten years, and has become one of the world’s largest port machinery manufacturers.

Meratus Lines established in 1957, has grown and become a household name in Indonesian shipping. Currently Meratus is engaged in  Container Terminal operation business, will build two Terminal in Jarkata and Surabaya. 4 units of STS and 6 units of RTG in this new order signed with Terex Noell China is the first batch of the equipment for the new Terminal, which are expected to be put into use in 2015.

Sign person of Terex Noell China: Jerry Fann (Sales Director of South Asia of Terex Port Solutions Division)
Sign person of Meratus Lines: Mr Sjarif Hadiwidjaja, Managing Director
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